We manufacture and supply wide assortment of Drug Intermediates that are used in the manufacturing process of various drugs.

1-(4-Benzyloxyphenyl)-2-(1-methylphenoxyethylamino)-propanone-1-hydrochloride 1860-67-9 Isoxsuprine HCl Know More
2-Amino-N-cyclohexyl-N-methylbenzene methanamine HCl 57365-08-9 Bromhexine HCl Know More
2-Bromo-1-[4-(Methyl-sulphonyloxy phenyl)]-1-Propanone 63504-58-4 Ritodrine HCl Know More
3,5 Dibenzyloxy Acetophenone 28924-21-2 3,5,Dibenzyloxy Terbutaline Know More
4-[(6-Bromohexyl)oxy]Butylbenzene 94749-73-2 Salmeterol Xinafoate Know More
4-Benzyloxy Propiophenone 4495-66-3 Isoxsuprine HCl Know More
4-Methoxy phenyl isopropyl benzylamine HCl 43229-65-8 Formoterol fumarate Know More
5-Acetylsalicylamide 40187-51-7 Labetalol HCl Know More
5-Bromoacetyl Salicylamide 73866-23-6 Labetalol HCl Know More
6-(4-phenyl butoxy hexyl)-benzene methanamine or N-[6-(4-Phenylbutoxy)hexyl)Benzylamine 97664-55-6 Salmeterol Xinafoate Know More
Alpha Bromo Benzyl Methyl Salicylate 27475-14-5 O-Benzyl Salbutamol,Salmeterol Xinafoat Know More
Alpha Bromo-3-nitro-4-benzyloxy acetophenone 43229-01-2 Formoterol fumarate Know More
Benzyl Salmeterol - Salmeterol Xinafoate Know More
Bromhexine Hydrobromide 31611-41-3 Bromhexine HCl Know More
Levo Benzyl Salbutamol 174607-68-2 Levo Salbutamol Sulphate Know More
N-Benzyl-4-Benzyloxy Phenethylamine 32293-42-8 Ritodrine HCl Know More
N, O – Dibenzyl Formoterol 43229-70-5 Formoterol Fumarate Know More
O-Benzyl Salbutamol 56796-66-8 Salbutamol Sulphate, Salbutamol Base Know More
Phenoxy Isopropyl Amine 32505-54-0 Isoxsuprine HCl Know More
α- Bromo 4- Benzyloxy propiophenone 35081-45-9 Isoxsuprine HCl Know More