Product Information

Product NameOseltamivir Phosphate
Cas NO204255-11-8
Molecular Weight410.404
Molecular formulaC16H31N2O8P
Therap.Cat : Oseltamivir phosphate is an acetamido cyclohexene that is a structural homolog of Sialic acid and inhibits Neuraminidase.
Oseltamivir Phosphate is the phosphate salt of oseltamivir, a synthetic derivative prodrug of ethyl ester with antiviral activity. By blocking neuraminidases on the surfaces of influenza viruses, oseltamivir interferes with host cell release of complete viral particles.
Oseltamivir is an inhibitor of the influenza neuramidase enzyme and is used as therapy and prophylaxis against influenza A and B. Oseltamivir has not been associated with clinically apparent liver injury.