Product Information

Product NameRisedronate Sodium
Cas NO115436-72-1
Molecular Weight305.094
Molecular formulaC7H10NNaO7P2
Therap.Cat : Bone Density Conservation Agents
Agents that inhibit bone resorption and/or favor bone mineralization and bone regeneration.
Calcium Channel Blockers
A class of drugs that act by selective inhibition of calcium influx through cellular membranes.

Risedronate sodium is an aminobisphosphonate derivative of etidronic acid and Calcium channel blocker that inhibits BONE RESORPTION and is used for the treatment of Osteoporosis.
Risedronate Sodium is the sodium salt of risedronic acid, a synthetic pyridinyl bisphosphonate. Risedronic acid binds to hydroxyapatite crystals in bone and inhibits osteoclast-dependent bone resorption.